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Summer Fun in Houston

Lindy Hopper Andrea Cody has been running a summer dance camp for kids for the 12th year in a row.

Presented at Soreal Dance Studio by Dance Houston No Limits Summer Dance Camp Choreography: Andrea Cody

Here’s a video of kids doing the Shim Sham with some freestyle at the end.

Here’s a girls jazz dance based on traditional jazz moves and the concept of “lonely digging” (when you’re the only one at a party digging the music as defined by urban dictionary).

Here’s an “easy coast swing” which was freestyle swing led improvisationally by the dancers and a little box step choreography.

Andrea described her experience:

“I was so excited to see this year’s students’ enthusiasm about Lindy hop. It was more than ever before, even from new students who were literally overjoyed with every chance to try it. I decided to go with the Harvest Moon Ball’s “no rules” for Lindy hop, so I didn’t teach a bunch of steps but rather rotated through the classes as a partner while playing classic and modern music and encouraging interpretation and improvisation. In their other classes, they were learning Bollywood, Samba, Latin, and Chinese as well as hip hop, ballet and contemporary. One parent of three sisters in the program mentioned to me that Lindy hop really brought her daughters closer together. Not only did they spend all day every day with us dancing different international styles, they kept playing and dancing together when they got home. They never even wanted their phones when they got home! Wow!!!”

We love seeing kids learning to dance and especially experiencing the joys of Lindy hop. Keep swinging!

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