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The Board Thanks Mandi Gould

The Board of Directors of the Frankie Manning Foundation wishes to thank Mandi Gould for her many years of dedicated service.

Mandi volunteered with our Ambassador Program from 2010-2012. After joining the board from 2012-2020 (with a leave in 2015), she worked tirelessly to support our mission of sharing Lindy hop and Frankie’s legacy with the world. As the founder and director of Barker Social, a digital marketing company, Mandi applied her sweeping knowledge of communications to FMF’s benefit. She oversaw our social media program, redesigned and updated our website, and managed our blog, Solid Sender.

She initiated numerous outreach programs that connected dancers all over the world with digital activities, including Frankie Month and Youth Month. Mandi oversaw several board fundraisers, and hosted online panels on topics related to the Foundation’s mission. In addition to all this, separate from her board activities, Mandi has produced many events that highlighted the talents of the swing dance world and brought together thousands of participants. She served as the lead producer of Frankie 100, along with Tim Collins, Elliott Donnelley, and Sing Lim, collaborating with scores of volunteers, musicians, teachers, and dancers.

Mandi’s warm personality, thoughtfulness, and strong leadership allowed her to make a huge impact on the growth of swing dancing through her work with the Foundation. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts and wish her the very best in future endeavors.

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