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Initiatives and Programs

Promoting Lindy Hop

Lindy hop is spread by people who love it through scene building, media coverage, and education and resources. The Foundation encourages scene builders to share their successes and even valiant failures with other dancers, locally and internationally, on social media and in person atl dances, camps, and workshops.

Scholars Program

To encourage continued growth of people dancing the Lindy hop all around the world, and fulfill Frankie’s dream, the Frankie Manning Foundation has established a scholarship fund to develop new Ambassadors of Lindy hop who will bring the dance to new populations, both around the world and in African-American communities in the US.

Youth Initiative

The future of lindy hop rests with today’s school age children. Many lindy hoppers believe that those children’s lives, both now and in the future, can be enriched and strengthened through learning the lindy hop.


The Foundation strives to educate people about the life and work of Frankie Manning through the collection and maintenance of a robust archives in the form of memorabilia, videos, biographies, and the promotion of oral history.

Equity and Inclusion

Promoting the black origins of the dance is promoting Lindy hop.  Lindy Hop Event Organizers, Teachers, and Scene Leaders around the world should reference this list of questions to assure their events are inclusive.

Financial Support

Since its inception, the Foundation as provided financial support to community members, festivals, and organizations.

The Foundation today is a project of the Houston Swing Dance Society, a nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of swing music and dance in Houston and beyond. Their other programs listed here share similar values of the Frankie Manning Foundation.

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