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6 Years Later – Remembering Frankie

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By Åsa Heedman

Today it is 6 years ago since I got a phone call from a friend in the middle of the night- a phone call to say goodbye. 6 years ago since I missed a very important phone call. 6 years ago that someone, to me one of very, very important persons left.

There are so many things I wanted to have said that night. If I only had the chance. During spring 2009 we were practicing intensively for the big show, your big birthday party in New York. We were studying “Keep Punching” in detail, Daniel were trying to get all details of your movements. Our biggest goal and our drive were at all time to make you feel proud. To do our best to show our appreciation by showing you our love – through our dancing, just like you gave so much love through yours. We also got the great honor to represent you in a part of the show from World’s fair. Daniel was going to be you. I was your partner. 

This intensive work, all the details, digging into the details of details created so many questions. We had so many questions that we wanted to ask you when we got to New York. Questions that were so important so that we could continue to pass on a dance with a strong connection to its roots.

Today it is 6 years ago that I got a phone call from a fried at noon. A friend that told me he tried to call me that night, to give me the chance to say my last words, to say good bye. Now it was too late.

Frankie: If I have had that opportunity I guess I would have said: Thank you! Thank you for all that you gave us. You changed my life, and so many others! I truly believe that the Lindy community we have today would never had grown like it did without you, maybe it wouldn’t even had existed at all. You were one of the warmest, carrying and sunny guys I have ever met and I will do all I can to continue to keep your legacy and love alive!

We love you!

Åsa Heedman

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