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World Lindy Hop Day Savoy Ballroom Google Doodle

The Frankie Manning Foundation is thrilled that the Google Doodles team has chosen to highlight the Savoy Ballroom with a swing dance video game and an interview with living legend Sugar Sullivan! Click here for full behind the Doodle scenes.

We wish to thank David Madison for helping forge a connection between Google, the Frankie Manning Foundation, and the international swing dance community. David’s lobbying efforts for a Doodle honoring Frankie Manning eventually led to its launch on May 26th, 2016. (We’d also like to thank Alex Gaw, Lucie Q Mazzanti, and others who were instrumental in this project!)

On May 26th, 2021 we had a Doodle honoring the Savoy Ballroom!

Frankie would have been so happy to see international attention focused on the Lindy hop’s home, the Savoy Ballroom. Thank you to the Google Doodle team, the Google Arts and Culture team, and swing dancers around the world!

Congratulations to Everyone involved in this Google Doodle’s creation: Art | Nate Swinehart, Kevin Laughlin Engineering | Conner Lane, Stephanie Gu, Jacob Howcroft, Audrey Lovan and David Lu UX Design | Anthony Irwin Producers | Colin Duffy & Greg Capuano Marketing | Perla Campos, Sierra Menzies Business Affairs & Partnerships | Madeline Belliveau Music Legal Manager | Joy Edgar Doodle Team Leads | Jessica Yu, Brian Kaas, Tom Tabanao Shout-outs as well to the collaborators including: The Frankie Manning Foundation The Spirit Moves | Eiko Otake, Sally Sommer P.H.D Dancetime Publications | Yauri Dalencour Joyce Hansen and Austin Hansen Jr. Sugar Sullivan

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