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A Message from the Board

The Frankie Manning Foundation would like to make clear that while there was some interaction in the past with Felipe Artefuego by some individual board members and representatives via our social media channel, the FMF Board has never discussed, reviewed nor endorsed the work of Felipe Artefuego.

We do recognize that the correspondence from individual members may have given Felipe the impression that he was within the full board’s awareness and approval, however, this was not the situation. This matter has revealed some need for clarification of communication protocols within our organization, and we are committed to this process.

The ongoing discussion surrounding Felipe’s recent presentation prompts us as an organization to remind ourselves and everyone to continue to do the work of unlearning historical bias and ending systemic racism. We at the Frankie Manning Foundation do not condone nor tolerate racism or bigotry of any kind. We are committed to providing an environment of mutual respect and are committed to building a Lindy hop community that respects a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

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