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Solid Sender – March 2015


Announcing Frankie Month 2015 

May is Frankie Month!


kie Manning’s birthday is May 26th but his birthdays never could be contained to just a single day of celebration. Let’s use the entire month of May to honor Frankie’s contributions to Lindy Hop and his positive spirit.

Every May, celebrate Frankie Month in your home town: 

  1. Party like Frankie! Throw a swingin’ birthday party or a lindy hop dance that Frankie would have enjoyed. 

  2. Play the music of the Savoy Ballroom and the big bands of the swing era.

  3. Hold Frankie Manning inspired dance classes and workshops.

  4. Share Frankie videos and stories.

  5. Raise funds so that the Frankie Manning Foundation can continue Frankie’s mission.

The 2015 global online initiatives

Suit up Swing Style on May 26th – work #TheLindyLook

  1. Don your favourite swing threads that best capture the spirit of the Savoy Ballroom in its 1920-50s pomp. Have your photo taken at work, in your office, at your desk, at a cafe, on the street or wherever you may go.  More details here.

Recreate Frankie Photos – #iamFrankieManning

  1. Pose like Frankie and take a snapshot to share on social media! Also send your images to to add to our photo project. More details here.  

The Spirit of Frankie Month 

In the spirit of Frankie, we encourage you to:

Collaborate and make it inclusive within your community. Contact other dancers and local organizers and work together to make it a celebration that unites all dancers in your community.

Promote the spirit of Frankie with these values: 

  1. respect

  2. generosity

  3. inclusivity

  4. humbleness

  5. joy

  6. authenticity to the roots of the dance 

Consider donating proceeds to the Frankie Manning Foundation. The Frankie Manning Foundation preserves the legacy of Frankie and promotes Lindy Hop worldwide through events and celebrations, as well ambassador programs, scholarships and youth initiatives. The Frankie Manning Foundation relies on donations to achieve these missions. Events that make a donation to the Frankie Manning Foundation will receive special recognition on our website as all donations help to realize Frankie’s dreams in projects such as scholarships and youth programming. Contributing events will receive special recognition on our website.

As always, we hope that you’ll also join us on Facebook, Twitter, and now also on our new Google+ and Pinterest pages. 

Featured Blog Posts


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Lindy Hop in Academia 

Read the full blog post here. 


Read the latest update from The Harlem Swing Dance Society here. 

Featured Video

This video of Frankie Manning dancing with Dawn Hampton

as taken atLindyFest in 2008. How can you help but smile at the playful and sassy dance partnership? Their dance really shows how much social dancing can really embrace partnering and musicality and that you don’t have to be flashy to create something wonderful on the dance floor. In fact, there’s something to be said about minimalism; when the music is the primary focus and inspiration, a whole lot of creativity can take place. Enjoy! 

Photo by Eli Pritykin. 

Featured Song

Clementine – Though Frankie Manning preferred Count Basie

Chick Webb and many of the other bands of the Savoy Ballroom, there were certain Duke Ellington songs that he enjoyed. Clementine is one of those songs. You can find it on the Let’s Do The Hop CD among other places. Make sure to add it to your jazz collection. 

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