The #iamFrankieManning Photo Project

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” ― Eudora Welty

Recreating classic Frankie “Poses”

We are lucky that Frankie Manning was such a photographed person. The internet is a source that provides hundreds of wonderful snapshots of Frankie which has inspired us to celebrate his birthday with a special idea this year.

Choose your favorite photo of Frankie and try to recreate it! Your photo can aim to be a take-off on the original photo, perhaps posing like Frankie but with some creative twist added. The important thing is to have fun with the creative process, invite enthusiastic friends to take part, and to spread the lindy hop joy that Frankie cared about so much.

So get ready… look at the camera… and say “cheese”.


1. Find a photo of Frankie Manning for inspiration. Use Google for ideas.

2. Study its composition, the dance steps and the expression of the dancers. Try to pose he same way and take a picture.

3. Share your photo on social media with hashtag #iamFrankieManning – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

4. Send the photo to The photos will become available in a gallery here on the website soon.

5. During the month of May, make the photo your profile image on your social networks and don’t forget to include the hashtag #iamFrankieManning again.

6. Have a lot of fun!

Important things to keep in mind

Creativity – You can wear similar clothing, use similar scenery, etc. as the what’s in the original photo if you want, but isn’t a rule. Be creative. Adapt the photo to the local features of your lindy hop scene, or take your picture picturesque location from your town.

Gender Free – “I’m a woman. How do I recreate a picture of Frankie?” That’s not a problem at all. Men can be followers, and women can be leaders. Exchange roles. Dare to do it differently. The only important thing is to have fun and take good pictures. We are anxious to see the result.

Share your experience – Visit this page regularly and be inspired by other recreated photos. Share your photos and those of dancers from all over the world and encourage others to take their own. Tell your friends who Frankie Manning was and why he is so important. And do not forget to invite them to dance!

Spread the word about the #iamFrankieManning project. Let’s make this campaign a big worldwide fever!