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Get ready for Frankie Month 2017 in May!

May is quickly approaching, and once again that means Frankie Month!

For the entire month of May, we’ll be honoring Frankie’s positive spirit and his contributions to lindy hop.

Here are some ways to celebrate:

  1. Throw a swingin’ birthday party or a lindy hop dance in Frankie’s honor. 

  2. Play the music of the Savoy Ballroom and the big bands of the swing era.

  3. Hold Frankie Manning inspired dance classes and workshops. Here’s a great list and here are some helpful videos

  4. Share Frankie videos and stories.

  5. Raise funds so that the Frankie Manning Foundation can continue Frankie’s mission.

  6. Use #FrankieMonth when sharing your plans on social media.

  7. Change your profile photo for the month of May to a photo of Frankie, with Frankie, or of your favorite dancing photo.

  8. Suit up Swing Style on May 26th – #TheLindyLook

  9. Collaborate and make it inclusive within your community.

  10. Contact other dancers and local organizers and work together to make it a celebration that unites all dancers in your community.

Connect with the Worldwide Celebration

Follow the Frankie Manning Foundation on Twitter and on Facebook. Also be sure to sign up for Solid Sender and check your Facebook settings to ensure that you don’t miss all of the exciting news and updates!

Become a Monthly Supporter

This year we’re also encouraging you, the members of our dance community, to become monthly supporters of the Frankie Manning Foundation. Just $5/month can make a difference!

Our mission is to carry on the work and the spirit of Frankie Manning in spreading the joy of Lindy Hop, danced to big band swing music, throughout the world.

We’re asking for your donation, and it couldn’t be easier!

A recurring donation of as little as $5/month can make a huge impact. Your support keeps Frankie’s dream alive, helps youth, and promotes Lindy Hop in underrepresented communities and around the world! Click here to start now. 

Frankie Manning Birthday
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