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Farewell & Thank you to Board Member, Tena Morales

The Board of Directors of the Frankie Manning Foundation would like to thank Tena Morales for her outstanding service on our board from 2/15/2018 until 5/31/2020 and for her contributions to the Foundation’s mission. Tena brought an extraordinary resume of experience to the task, including years of organizing major swing dance events; being part the team that produced Frankie 95, which gave birth to the Foundation; and co-creating the Lindy Hoppers Fund (which later merged with FMF). We are tremendously grateful for her leadership role in the FMF COVID emergency relief grant program, her outstanding work on our finance committee, and her dedication to preserving and promoting Frankie Manning’s legacy and values. We feel lucky to have benefitted from her wise counsel and effective expertise during her tenure. We look forward to continuing to enjoy a warm relationship with Tena. On behalf of the global swing dance community, we honor Tena and wish her the very best in future endeavors.

Tena completed her term as a board member on May 31, 2020.

“I am grateful and truly appreciative of my time on the board and being apart of all the wonderful things we have been able to achieve!  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time I need to accomplish some of my other goals. Part of the thing that this Covid-19 situation has done for me, is to put into perspective just how short life is and that I need to get on to  business of accomplishing my goals. “

While Tena will be impossible to “replace”, we look forward to welcome new board members soon. 

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