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⭐ The Frankie Manning Foundation is preparing to launch an EMERGENCY SUPPORT PROGRAM in the coming days. 

Support will be made available for full-time Lindy Hop professionals who show pressing financial need and who demonstrate a commitment to preserving and passing on the legacy of the Lindy Hop that originated in the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. Please standby for application details.  

💠 We are asking for your financial contributions as part of a matching fund to help the global Lindy Hop community pull through this crisis. The Frankie Manning Foundation will match every dollar raised by the community. We are starting with an initial goal of $20K with matching by FMF of an additional $20K. 

➡️ Please follow the link to make a donation and share broadly! CLICK HERE

To receive updates about the program by email, please sign up here:


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