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Calling all Lindy Hoppers – Honoring Norma Miller


It’s time to rally in honor of Norma Miller, The Queen of Swing!

The Frankie Manning Foundation is raising money for Norma Miller’s headstone and gravesite maintenance.

Help make possible a headstone worthy of the Queen of Swing to mark her final resting place at Woodlawn Cemetery’s famous Jazz Corner.


Global Trickeration Project

This year at ILHC we are calling on all Lindy Hoppers and Jazz dancers around the world to join in The Global Trickeration Project to honor the life and legacy of the one and only Queen of Swing, Norma Miller. Dancers from around the world can learn this routine and create a video of their community or scene performing it. The final edited video will be compiled and presented on Norma’s 100th birthday Dec. 2nd at The International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington D.C. as well as performed live by all in attendance who want to join!


Global Stories Project

“Story Time With Norma” was a classic way for attendees at swing dance events around the world to get to know the Queen of Swing, her life and incredible influence on the dance and music we love. Her captivating personality, vivacious attitude, zest for life, Lindy Hop and swing music kept dancers around the world on the edge of their seats whenever she spoke. Always honest, her delivery was blunt and often as entertaining as the stories themselves were full of wisdom and love. Above all, Norma wanted us to love each other, swing music and Lindy Hop.

“Give me the BEAT!”

Now it’s our turn. It’s time to share our stories and experiences of how our beloved Norma has touched our lives. Norma inspired and touched so many communities and people around the world who worked with and learned from her. Let’s put all of these stories and home videos in one place to help keep Norma’s legacy alive and to share with generations of dancers in the future. A global “Story Time with Norma” for the world.


ILHC & Norma 100

ILHC is going all out, transforming the ballroom into the Savoy including signage to the streets, backdrops, and more! The event takes place over Norma’s actual birthday on Decemer 2nd and they will dedicate the day to celebrate her.

The Norma Miller Dancers Join Mickey Davidson and the Norma Miller dancers as they tell stories about life on the road with Norma!

The NORMAlizer contest This Harvest Moon Ball-style contest is open to anyone! Dancers register as couples and will dance to music selected by ILHC. This is a no-holds barred competition. All lifts, drops, aerials, airsteps and acrobatics are allowed. Judges will be looking for great dancing spontaneity, creativity and connection to the music.

Global Trickeration Project! Join in The Global Trickeration Project to help us honor the life and legacy of the one and only Queen of Swing, Norma Miller.

BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!! For the first time ever, Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders Orchestra will battle the Jonathan Stout Orchestra. Be there to witness in person this once in a lifetime epic battle!


Norma Miller 100 in Italy

Norma Miller 100 is a three days event focused on Norma Miller. Everything, from workshops to live music, panels to videos, and choreos to pictures, will be in her honor. The event will include:

John Biffar, President at Dreamtime Entertainment and Norma Miller’s agent and good friend, Chazz Young, and Chester Whitmore are just three of the people that will be at Norma Miller 100, ready to deliver their testimony about her.

She said in a late interview that the last part of her life has been the best and everything started in Italy in May 2014 when she jumped on the bandstand leading her own big band. She toured Europe with the band until October 2018. There she also recorded two CDs, printed a new version of her book “Swing, Baby Swing!”, and had terrific history talks followed by mesmerized folks.

Norma chose Italy as her second home in her last five years of life, where she has found people interested in Lindy Hop History and Culture, ready to follow her in each and every plan…

The Italian Swing Dance Society, represented by close friends who shared her last seconds with her, will give continuity to the projects already established by Norma Miller and will guarantee the care of the image, history, and values of the Queen of Swing.


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