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Announcement: Black Lindy Hoppers Fund

The Lindy Hoppers of the African Diaspora Fund is now called the BLACK LINDY HOPPERS FUND –

The Frankie Manning Foundation is happy to announce details about the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund (initially announced as the Lindy Hoppers of the African Diaspora Fund), a new independent program operating under the Houston Swing Dance Society:

The Black Lindy Hoppers Fund is championed by Black leadership of the Lindy Hop community, initiated by the Frankie Manning Foundation, to provide assistance to established and developing dancers, musicians, researchers and community builders endeavoring to be of greater service to community members of African and African diasporic heritage.

We recognize the noted long standing obstacles of financial, administrative and mentorship support to black dancers participation, development and the intergenerational transfer of the critical heritage of Lindy Hop and Jazz Dance.

Through legacy building exchanges, mentorship facilitation and development, generative residencies, impact focused community building and stewardship we aim to galvanize the cultural core of Lindy Hop and re-center the gaze and presence of the African and African diasporic community towards this phenomenal cultural artifact.

Our Lindy Hop History and Legacy are centered around the accomplishments and impact of our ancestors and elders. The BLHF’s commitment is to learning about our past, living in the present and building foundations for our future. Legacy is fundamental to the Black Lindy Hoppers’ experience.

Our Lindy Hop Legacy Continuum programs are designed to honor and preserve our roots. Programs such as the Swing Dance Museum, oral history projects and the like will allow our roots to build paths and interconnections across time. We are ever so grateful to those organizations and individuals that have contributed to the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund thus far and look forward to future support.

We are thrilled to be a part of re-imagining and sustaining a lindy hop scene that is more inclusive, supportive, and reflective of the cultural values of its origins by empowering Black dancers to best serve their communities.

We welcome your program ideas that will build upon our foundational roots. Please note we will no longer use the names (Lindy hoppers of the African Diaspora or African and African Diasporic Lindy Hoppers Fund). Please use the name Black Lindy Hoppers Fund from this point on for all business purposes.

We understand that everyone is excited about learning more about this new fund and it is our promise you will not be disappointed! Our website is currently under design but is accessible at It will be shared formally with the global lindy hop community once in full completion.

Yours Forever in Swing,

BLHF Team LaTasha Barnes Julia Loving Tena Morales- Armstrong Marie N’diaye

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