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Introducing Herrang 2018 Ambassador #5, Kevin Harris

In Bob Crease’s Profile of Frankie Manning, featured HERE, he quotes Frankie on learning Lindy hop in Harlem, back in the day:

So, too, with the Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassador program. Our Ambassadors and hopefuls are first exposed to social swing dancing events and classes in their local scenes – that’s elementary school. For high school, the Foundation offers them opportunities to attend outstanding dance camps, where they get exposed to teachers and dancers from many places. For “college” we fulfill Frankie’s wish to send them to the intense, sometimes grueling and sometimes hilarious lindy hop camp in Herrang, Sweden for two, three weeks or more.

One of this summer’s Herrang Ambassadors, Kevin Harris, was an Ambassador at Camp Jitterbug a few years back. This year he will attend Herrang Dance Camp weeks 4 and 5. Like one or two of our previous Ambassadors, he has a background as a hip hop dance professional, performing, teaching and choreographing. Unlike any other Ambassador we have ever had, he also has real Lindy hop DNA — he is the grandson of original Savoy Lindy Hopper Al Minns, who wore a chef’s hat and danced with Norma Miller in Hellzapoppin’.

Kevin is very proud of his grandfather and is really looking forward to mastering the Lindy hop. He actually looks like his grandfather. And Norma Miller has noted that he even moves like his grandfather!

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