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The Jazz Continuum Streaming until September 9th

The Jazz Continuum is streaming online for free until September 9, 2021 on the Jacob’s Pillow website. The Frankie Manning Foundation would like to congratulate Board Member and Ambassador LaTasha Barnes, and the entire creative team of The Jazz Continuum on their successful world premiere at Jacob’s Pillow 2021 Dance Festival. Following a residency to conceive this new work, the project had a six performance run on The Pillow’s iconic Henry J. Leir stage, affectionately known as the Inside Out stage.   Helping to fulfill LaTasha’s vision are Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassadors Ray Davis, Tyedric Hill, and Shana Maria Weaver, who are a part of the fabulous cast.   The work places Jazz music and dance at the center of global dance forms not commonly recognized as derivatives like House, Hip-Hop, Waacking, Line Dances, and Lindy Hop, embodying the communal joy, the spontaneity of dance  and musical expression, while embracing the past, reimagining the present, and preparing for the future.   The piece includes choreography by renowned dancers including Marie Bryant, Mickey Davidson, Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Harold Nicholas, Bobby White, and Chester Whitmore while embracing improvisational traditions and celebrating the innovation of improvography!  

We encourage all to watch the performance online and experience the gorgeous dancing, music, energy, and spirit.   To learn more about The Jazz Continuum, visit The free online viewing of the performance is available through September 9.

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