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Solid Sender – Invitation!


Join the new Frankie Manning Foundation newsletter; 


Solid Sender” is an expression from the Swing Era used to describe someone or something really, really good. Frankie himself even suggested the name! Good one.

So now, you’re invited to click here to join the Frankie Manning Foundation in its mission to spread the joy of Lindy hop, now with fun and informative monthly newsletters. Yeah, Jim! 

Solid Sender is your ticket to the latest global Lindy hop news; keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground with the Solid Sender’s monthly round up including:

  1. guest blog posts

  2. interviews

  3. articles

  4. new historical discoveries

  5. music recommendations

  6. special announcements

  7. rare and exciting video clips

  8. exclusive opportunities

  9. and more!

Continue to be inspired by Frankie Manning with special monthly features and opportunities. This is also your chance connect to the global community through our interactive surveys, calls to action and shout outs. 

A one, a two, you know what to do!

Simply click HERE & sign up now!

*Sorry if you receive this message more than once. After this one-time mail out, we’ll only contact you via the email address that you use when you sign up. Please share & spread the word!

We want to hear from you. 

Please take this quick Lindy hop survey. 

Thanks for filling in our fun Lindy hop survey. Want to get involved with the Foundation? We welcome volunteers! Fill out ourvolunteer sign up form. 

Photo credit: Ralph GabrinerCopyright © 2014 Frankie Manning Foundation, All rights reserved.

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