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Frankie Manning Lindy Hop Scholars Program

Scholarships generally include round-trip transportation, basic room and board, full classroom, and activity participation in the dance camp.


Applications for the 2024 Scholars Program are closed.

Purpose of the Scholars Program

Frankie Manning, known as “the Ambassador of Lindy hop,” accomplished much in his long and rich life yet did not feel his personal mission was completed until people were dancing the Lindy hop all around the world. Frankie is gone, but the popularity of the dance continues to grow. To encourage this continued growth, and fulfill Frankie’s dream, the Frankie Manning Foundation has established a scholarship fund to develop new Scholars/Ambassadors of Lindy hop who will bring the dance to new populations, both around the world and in African American communities in the US.


Frankie’s last years enjoying and participating in the worldwide revival of his beloved Lindy hop were deeply gratifying for him, however, he had only one regret. Although the Lindy hop originated in Harlem, there was very little Lindy hop dancing in predominantly African-American communities. For whatever reason the Lindy hop was not catching on with young African-Americans the way it had with other Americans and young people all over the world. When the idea of starting the Foundation was presented to Frankie, he was delighted at the idea and immediately discussed a project he had dreamed of: “I’d like to send those Harlem kids to Herrang.” Frankie was talking about the Jitterbug Kids, a group of African-American teenagers who had been learning Lindy hop and performing since childhood and whose parents were students of Frankie’s who wanted to ensure that their children maintained the tradition. For Frankie, Herräng was the best place in the world that anyone could learn Lindy hop and its history. Frankie had taught at Herräng for many years and had a deep influence on the culture of the camp. The Swedish organizers of the camp had something that Frankie loved: a great sense of playfulness combined with intense teaching and all-night social dancing. The Foundation would like to support the growth and development of dancers, organizers and teachers who have good roots in African American communities and can help nurture an interest in Lindy hop.


Frankie loved being invited to teach all around the globe, not just for the opportunity to travel and see new places, but also to see Lindy hop danced where it had not been danced before. Every year he taught many weekend workshops at places he had taught before, but he loved nothing more than going someplace he had never been and teaching people who were new to Lindy hop. Similarly, the Foundation would like to support dancers who are building Lindy hop in new communities all over the world.


Who Should Apply?

  • People with strong ties to African American communities throughout the USA

  • Persons representing new geographical areas outside the USA where Lindy hop is in a very early stage of adoption and development.

  • Youngsters who have participated in our youth programs

  • All participants must be at least 21 years of age. 

  • Display a passion for Lindy hop

  • Demonstrate an unwavering desire for excellence; to learn and grow as a Lindy hopper

  • Exhibit outstanding leadership abilities within the community with a special focus on outreach to newcomers to the Lindy hop community

  • Are driven to perpetuate Lindy hop by spreading their own knowledge and inspiring others with their passion

  • Value the historic authenticity of Lindy hop dancing and music and are driven to perpetuate Lindy Hop culture by spreading their own knowledge and inspiring others

  • Embrace the close relationship between the music and the dance

  • Believe in maintaining a true community among dancers based on mutual respect and a cooperative spirit

  • Despite these qualities, may not have access to learning resources or the financial means to pursue and develop their dancing to its full potential

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