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Preserving Frankie’s Legacy

Reminiscences of Frankie

"Lindy Hop has come to be synonymous with the joyful energy and loving camaraderie that marks the global community, and THAT is the greatest gift that Frankie has left us. He left us his heart."

 "I feel like the most valuable legacy Frankie left us was not his steps, or his technique, or his style or his aerials or his choreography, or anything that happened on the dance floor. The legacy he left us was his beauty as a person, the warmth that has infused the entire dance, and the entire community. Lindy Hop has come to be synonymous with the joyful energy and loving camaraderie that marks the global community, and THAT is the greatest gift that Frankie has left us."

 "He made life a happy experience by his presence."

"He made me want to, and strive to become a better a better dancer and person as a whole. He taught me the importance of believing that I could achieve things."

"When I feel a bit low, I can hear him say to me “'come on ! get out there and dance '"

"He taught us how to be accepting, gracious, and welcoming to beginners and that is such an important part of the Lindy world!"

"His kind and generous spirit towards his students and how the leader should treat his follower has influenced everyone who has ever met him or took his class."

"Everyday he wake me up with his marvelous laughing (I made ringtone) and I promptly have a better mood. Everyday I see him on my mobile phone. He is still with me in my mind, in my steps, in my dancing, in my choreography…. in my life…"

"He brought Jazz dance to a whole new level with his ability to dance perfectly with outstanding precision while matching the speeds, rhythm and “play” of the music."

"Frankie was integral in keeping, preserving and promoting Lindy Hop. Not only was he willing to share stories, he welcomed new dancers like old friends. And his warmth and knowledge is what made people want to be around him, and work harder to learn from a master like him."

"I have never seen a video where he wasn’t improving something or changing up the routine a little here and there."

"And thank you Frankie, for my life."

"Thank you for opening my eyes, my heart for Lindy Hop… thank you for all my swing friends around the world…"

"Thanks for being our muse by sharing your passion for dance for future generations to appreciate. I hope we make you proud–you are greatly missed!"

"Always gracious and kind, he was old school—treat your dance partner like they’re the most important thing in the world—because they are, at least for a song. The love and respect he gave came back to him in spades."

"Frankie showed me that dancing is about expressing music — it is more than just a single move but rather about doing the move at the right time."

"Life is like that—may we all learn to act in the moment."

"He was one of those amazing people who are talked about – with a love approaching awe – but are too busy to toot their own horn.'

"Such a welcoming, gentle presence that even novice dancers could relax and enjoy, if only for a few moments, the feeling of dancing effortlessly."

"One of the happiest people I ever met. It seemed he enjoyed and loved every minute of his life."

"He lit up the room, lit up every face in the room and the energy actually changed. All he had to do was walk in, nod hello and smile. You could feel his presence and his charisma."

"Frankie, his passions, energies and overall good nature are the strongest and most beloved aspects of Lindy Hop. He will always be part of this dance; it’s infused with his good nature, and he brings the best into it."

"Frankie inspired me to be a better dancer and now he inspires me to be a better person."

"I was so inspired by your life all involving dance and your come-back, after you had your hip surgery, as a dance teacher, a performer, a raw model of happy living and most of all as the man, who can be in love with his dance partner for 2 minutes on the floor. It’s all about making your dance partner feel good. That is your message all along. Your sparkling eyes and your encouraging smile, while dancing with you, say more than any steps I could ever learn."

"Thank you so much for the dance love that infected the world and made me feel home, wherever I was."

"You were the inspiration to make a whole world dance"

"Frankie was inspiring, a joy, an older man with such verve, vitality, and sensuality I could have no excuse for letting mine go while just in my 40s."

"You have shared and created a lot of love around you, and opened more than a few minds, lightened more than a few burdened hearts, and lit far more than a few smiles."

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