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Ways to Celebrate

May 26th is World Lindy Hop Day and

Frankie Manning's Birthday

  • Tell people about Frankie Manning and the history and origins of Lindy hop

  • Share Frankie videos and stories

  • Throw a swingin’ birthday party or a lindy hop dance that is collaborative and inclusive by connecting with other dancers and organizers to unite your community

  • Play the music of the Savoy Ballroom and the big bands of the swing era

  • Hold Frankie Manning inspired dance classes and workshops; use this list of Frankie's favorite steps and these helpful videos

  • Emphasize Frankie’s values in your community

  • Read Frankie’s autobiography, Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop

  • Raise funds for the Foundation to continue its mission

  • Use #FrankieMonth when sharing your plans on social media and these graphics

  • Suiting up Swing Style and use #TheLindyLook

  • Make your profile picture swing themed

  • Connect on Social Media

  • Donate

  • Do all of these with respect, generosity, inclusivity, humbleness, joy, and authenticity to the roots of the dance

Past Birthdays

Locations around the world have celebrated Frankie's Birthday with extensive events, often spanning for 3 or more months!


A four-day celebration of Frankie Manning’s 80th birthday in May of 1994 called Can't Stop the Lindy Hop. Hundreds of Lindy Hop afficionados came to New York City from all across the world to celebrate a life dedicated to Lindy Hop. The remarkable dancing took place in performances, workshops and on the dance floor set a new standard of excellence for the Lindy Hop revival.


Frankie Manning’s 85th Birthday Tour consisted of 4 parties, over 4 consecutive weekends, in 4 cities: Munich, New York City, San Francisco, and Catalina. And Frankie was at each one of them to eat his birthday cake!
The New York Celebration took place at the Roseland Ballroom, where a pair of Frankie’s shoes were added to a lobby display case alongside those of other famous dancers, including, Fred Astaire, Savion Glover, and Gregory Hines. A representive from the ballroom also gave a public speech at the party in which she apologized on behalf of Roseland for refusing the admit Frankie and several other Savoy dancers in the 1930s. She said, “We know this is overdue… We wish we could rewrite the history of that, but we cannot. Were we to do that, you would have been on our floor in 1936.”


The Tokyo Swing Dance Society held a Frankie 86 Millenium Bash in 2000, endorsed by the American Embassy in Tokyo.

89 & 90

Frankie celebrated with over 300 dancers on a Carribean cruise ship.


A birthday celebration turned memorial and tribute, Frankie 95 took place in New York City and was one of the largest Lindy Hop events of all times.


Commemorative tributes around the world held the year after Frankie’s passing.


Global Shim Sham dedicated to Frankie from around the world.


Cities from across the world danced and dedicated the Big Apple to Frankie on the night of his birthday.


Events were held in more than 134 locations around the world.


Frankie 100 took place in New York City May 22nd to 26th, 2014. The event was the largest swing dance event of modern day and brought together over 2000 dancers from 47 countries to honor Frankie Manning and to name his birthday, May 26th, as World Lindy Hop Day.  The festival celebrated the roots and origins of Lindy Hop and Big Band Swing with historic events including the show, Swingin’ Frankie’s Way, at Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater. See more about Frankie 100 here.

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