The Frankie Manning Foundation congratulates the Swing Beijing translation team on the publication of this Chinese-language edition of Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop. 

This collaborative group worked very hard for three years to produce an accurate translation (they held auditions for translators!), and we thank them for their extensive efforts to share Frankie’s memoir with dancers in their country. It truly was a labor of love.

Organizers: Weiming Zeng, Beibei Huang

Publishing: Johnny Tu

Coordinators: Nancy Qin, Effie Yang

Translators: Shangyuan Chen, Lynn Cheng, Jingban Hao, Tian Huang, Zijun Peng, Linling Qiu, Zhicheng Qiu, Luna Tang, Suzy Xiong, Effie Yang

Proofreader: Tian Huang

We’d also like to thank Sing Lim, Chan Meng, and Judy Pritchett for their support of this project, and Amy Winn for editing the new introduction and epilogue.

This edition joins translations in French, Japanese, and Italian. We believe that Frankie would be honored that dancers in other countries want to read his life story, and pleased that they have the option to do so in their native language.


Happy reading!

Cover image: Lucille Middleton and Frankie Manning doing drop-down-the-back on tour with Hollywood Hotel Revue in New Zealand, summer 1938.

Photograph credited to Steele. Courtesy of Chazz Young.