The Call of the Jitterbug (1988)

Documentary 1988
Jesper Sorensen, Vibeke Winding, and Tana Ross.
Produced by Green Room Productions.

35 min. sd. color with black and white sequences.

The Call of the Jitterbug, which takes its name from the Cab Calloway song, is one the best documentaries of Lindy Hop produced so far. It includes oral history interviews with Norma Miller, Frankie Manning, and other dancers and musicians including Dizzy Gillespie. It contains excellent old footage, including most of the clips listed in this archive. It has more clips from Mura Dehn’s The Spirit Moves than any other documentary.
The Call of the Jitterbug is available through the Filmakers Library and costs a lot– around $200! Try to interest your local library or your swing society in ordering it or look into renting it for a group event.


Margaret Batiuchok
David Thorton Carnes-Butts
Darlene Chandler
Congaroo Dancers
Bill Dillard
Sandra Gibson
Richard Harris
Delilah Jackson
Roe Edward Johonson
George Lloyd
The Mama Lu Parks Dancers
Frankie Manning
Norma Miller
Mama Lu Parks
Sugar Sullivan-Niles
Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers
Deborah Youngblood

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