Scene Building Roundtable & Meetup

Organizers around the world who have built swing dance scenes share stories and tips about how they did it. This panel features a wealth of information on how to initiate, develop, and maintain a vibrant and sustainable Lindy hop community. Dances, classes, organization, publicity, finances, successes, lessons learned, and future plans are covered. Please join us to get ideas, and to share your own experiences.

  • Panel Leader: Lana Turner
  • Panelists: Gaston Fernandez (Buenos Aires), Jamin Jackson (Oklahoma) Barbara A. Jones (Harlem), “Adamas” Kangseok Kim (Korea), Ryan Swift (New York), Nando Valoi (Mozambique), Hiro Yamada (Japan)
  • Date/Time: Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 from 3pm-4:45pm
  • Location: Joseph P. Kennedy Community Center (West 135th Street between Lenox and Fifth avenues)

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