From the Savoy to the Cat Club: On the Dance Floor, 1950s and Beyond

The Savoy Ballroom, which had many dance styles, closed in 1958. The NY Swing Dance Society founded the Cat Club dances in 1985. These exciting “Savoy-and-beyond” dancers bridged the gap between the Savoy and the Swing Renaissance. What is it about the Lindy that inspired them? What influenced their social Lindy hopping? What made their styles look different and feel different, and why is it so difficult to achieve today? Backgrounds, styles, and music! Opinions, inspiration, and epiphanies!

  • Panel Leader: Margaret Batiuchok
  • Panelists: Sonny Allen, Barbara Billups, Frank Festa, Darlene Gist, Charlie Meade, George Sullivan, Sugar Sullivan
  • Date/Time: Sunday, May 25th, 2014 from 3:30pm-5pm.
  • Location: Ailey School theater (405 West 55th Street at Ninth Avenue)

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