Radio City Revels

Benjamin Stoloff
Frankie Manning’s shine was cut from the dance sequence in the film. This may be because it didn’t meet the standards of the censors of the film; in his shine Frankie did a step that Jerome Williams had popularized, as in this publicity picture from the Big Apple dancers performance in Australia.

In addition to the Lindy Hop dance sequence in this film, Herbert White, of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers fame, had a cameo appearance carrying a tray of food. He is identifiable by the white streak in his hair.


Ann Miller: Rhythm Tap
Buster West: Tap, Eccentric

Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers:
Lindy Hop
Frankie Manning
Lucille Middleton
Eddie Davis
Mildred Pollard
Tiny Bunch
Dot Johnson

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