Youth Initiative

The future of lindy hop rests with today’s school age children. Many lindy hoppers believe that those children’s lives, both now and in the future, can be enriched and strengthened through learning the lindy hop.

There are a few wonderful programs where children are learning to dance the lindy hop. Some of these children have the opportunity to meet and compete in a Youth Program at the annual International Lindy Hop Competitions in Washington DC in August with the support of the Frankie Manning Foundation. At events like ILHC, the kids are inspired by the adult champions; they, in turn, inspire everyone present.

Photograph of the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs by Corrie Holliday.
Photograph of the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs by Corrie Holliday.


The Foundation ambassador program is continuing to find ways to support teenagers. In the past, we have provided scholarships for teens to attend Beantown and Swing Out New Hampshire.

In the month of November, the Frankie Manning Foundation would like to turn the lindy hop community’s attention towards our youth.

Frankie Manning recognized the importance of spreading the joy of lindy hop to our “youngsters” and this is a great time to celebrate not only the incredible young members of our community, but also the sensational instructors who work with them. We appreciate all of your hard work! When you make a donation to the Foundation, you can choose to support “youngster” programming and we’ll ensure that young people benefit from your generosity. Thank you in advance!

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