Promoting Lindy Hop

1. Promoting the Lindy Hop through Scene Building

It was Frankie Manning’s dream for Lindy hop to spread all over the world. In his later years he experienced considerable fulfillment of his dream, traveling and teaching throughout the United States, Western Europe, Australia and Asia. There was no finer ambassador for Lindy hop than Frankie Manning himself.

Dancing the Lindy hop and learning its history has continued to grow since Frankie’s passing. Today it is a strong presence in many Eastern European, Asian, and Latin American countries and it is making incursions into Africa.   

Lindy hop is spread by people who love it. They learn through trial and error how to build a new lindy hop scene and how to preserve and strengthen a scene that has been around for a while.

By way of supporting lindy hop everywhere, the Frankie Foundation helps dancers share their successful experiences so that we all can benefit from them. Please let us know about great lindy hop scenes, great scene-building stories, even valiant failures that we can learn something from. Send your recommendations to


2. Promoting the Lindy Hop through Media Coverage

Here is a recent example of a network news story on the joys of swing dancing that appeared nationally in the USA:

3. Promoting the Lindy Hop through Education & Resources

Archiving, research, preservation, and education are important components in spreading Lindy hop around the world. The Frankie Manning Foundation is part of ongoing collaborations. Please follow the blog and our Facebook page for updates.