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Support FMF with Frankie 100 Trading Cards!

“True Lindy Hoppers know their roots.” – Kevin St. Laurent

Know your roots and help support the Frankie Manning Foundation!

The Frankie 100 trading cards have been reissued as the Legends of Lindy Hop collection.

Each card features an iconic picture and historical information on Frankie, Dawn, Norma, and fourteen additional dancers.

The entire 22 card set is available for a limited time as thank you gifts to supporters of the Frankie Manning Foundation.

Donations start at $50.


The Queen of Swing – autograph not included!

  1. Shim Sham level:          $50 for 5 random cards including at least one card featuring Frankie.

  2.  Cat’s Corner level:         $100 for all of the cards at the Shim Sham level plus 5 additional random cards – 10 cards total.

  3. Harvest Moon level:      $150 all of the cards at the Cat’s Corner level plus 5 additional cards including at least one card featuring Norma – 15 cards total.

  4. Killer Diller level:            $200 for all of the cards at the Harvest Moon Level plus 5 additional cards including at last one card featuring Dawn – 20 cards total.

  5. Hellzapoppin’  level:      $250 for the entire 22 card set featuring Frankie, Norma, Dawn, 14 additional dancers, and 3 bonus     cards – 25 cards total.

 Make your tax deductible donation here.

Collect all the legends!  Donation Thank You Gift – Legends of Lindy Hop Trading CardsShim Sham Level – 5 random cards $50.00 USDCat’s Corner level – 10 random trading cards $100.00 USDHarvest Moon level – 15 trading cards $150.00 USDKiller Diller level – 20 trading cards $200.00 USDHellzapoppin’ level – 25 trading cards $250.00 USD

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