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Solid Sender – 1st Edition!


Welcome to our new newsletter & round up!

We’re excited to bring you Solid Sender with our monthly round up of fun and informative content! As always, we hope that you’ll also join us on Facebook, Twitter, and now also on our new Google+ and Pinterest pages. 

Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers Jacket is up for auction… right now!

Get your bid in now! One lucky person will take home this iconic jacket with the bold lettering of Savoy’s Whiteys Lindy Hoppers. The foundation is auctioning off the one remaining jacket from the limited edition Frankie 100 line. The auction is taking place on eBay and will run until this Friday at 2pm EST. 

This final jacket is in a men’s size Medium and has the name “Frankie Manning” embroidered on the front. Read more about the jacket and the auction here. 

Featured Blog Posts

Check out this blog post to learn about what’s taking place in Harlem, New York, today and in to the future. 

“November 8th we had our annual Harvest Moon Ball Swing Dance and had HMB Champions and Winners present to tell their stories: Beatrice Pierce (Champ, 1953), Barbara Billups (3rd Place, 1958) and Sonny Allen (Champ, 1958)…”

Read the full Harlem Swing Dance Society blog post here. 

In this blog post, Ewa “W” Burak takes us through the experience of the Frankie Track at the Herrang Dance Camp in 2014.  

“Lennart and I took a close look at the VHS tapes and learned his routine that he taught, with me and with others, in 1989. I could tell that even if a few Swingouts have passed since that summer, my body remembered what my head had forgotten…”  

Read the full Frankie Track blog post here. 


Bonus: Which air step was it? 

Super Bonus: What was Frankie’s partner’s name?

Tweet your answers to @FrankieFMF100!

Have you got a Frankie Manning or Lindy Hop trivia question? Submit your trivia ideas here and if your question is selected, we’ll give you a shout out in a future edition of Solid Sender!

Featured Video

Watch this video — and we mean reallywatch it — and take in the footwork, rhythm and musicality that Frankie and Erin Stevens bring to the dance. This is a wonderful snapshot of what Lindy hop can be! Wow! Ain’t nothing like it! 

Featured Song

Beaver Junction – composed by Harry “Sweets” Edison and performed by Count Basie and his Orchestra. This classic Lindy hop tune is a Frankie… Can you picture Frankie dancing and hitting some of those great rhythms and accents? 

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