Message from Okurut George of Uganda

The Frankie Manning Foundation provided a scholarship for Okurut George of Uganda to attend the Mozambique Afro-Swing Exchange. He posted this nice acknowledgment on Facebook today about his experience:

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Okurut wrote:

“I need to take this moment of appreciating everyone who support #Frankie Manning Foundation to reach out the love of #LindyHop dance and scenes around the world. What I have experienced and learned in #MASX Mozambique Afro Swing Exchange was really unexpected thing that it was happening in Africa and it has given me a lot of work to be done in my country Uganda, so now the little I have with me, I will share with other dancers and the communities so that they can know what #lindyhop happiness is when the communities can have it in their lives. I have danced breakdance for now four years but i haven’t seen such kind of happiness in to it like #Lindyhop where everyone can dance it with happiness in his/her heart, and the greatest part of it that all age can dance it well because breakdance old people can’t manage to dance it. So has I have a lot to share here and won’t finish on what I have learned from #Mozambique, I will kindly request for your support of sharing with me, so that I can make #Lindyhop dance scene grow up in Uganda and even organize it’s exchange in our country. Together we can make it happen. I won’t forget to thank some people like Alexis Davila Valerie Salstrom Lisa Josefsson Judy Pritchett Elias Manhica Augusto Manhiça Mikaela Hellsten Mickey Davidson and others who I didn’t mentioned on the list you are great and I really love you all.

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