Naomi Uyama: Why we should all support Kids Programs

Peter & Naomi visiting the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs.
Peter & Naomi visiting the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs.

 FMF logo 1Guest post by Naomi Uyama
Peter and I have worked with some of the kids programs across the country at different events such as ILHC and Great Southwest Lindyfest.  Cleveland’s Junior Jitterbugs is one of the rare local programs that gives kids lindy hop instruction and a safe place to be on a regular weekly basis.  When the excitement of a big event dies down it’s programs like these that give kids so much.  When program founder Valerie Salstrom introduced us to some of the first Junior Jitterbugs years ago I didn’t realize that over the next few years we’d get to watch some of those kids grow up and fall in love with this dance.  We’ve really seen the program be a positive influence on the kids’ lives.
The Frankie Foundation does a lot of different types of work in the dance scene, trying to spread Lindy Hop around the world and across demographics as well.  If you’re thinking about donating to the Foundation consider a directing your donation towards programs like the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs.  Besides covering costs for taking the kids to events what the program really needs are the funds to cover weekly space rental and food for the kids.  Lindy Hoppers see these kids dance perhaps once or twice a year at a big weekend, but week after week people like Valerie are providing them with a safe place to go after school, meals, and the love of dancing that we all know.  
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Contributed by Naomi Uyama

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