Lindy Hop Values – a #FrankieMonth initiative

Like Frankie Manning himself, we value:

  • Having fun dancing the Lindy hop
  • Historic authenticity in Lindy hop dancing and music
  • Improvisation and continued innovation
  • Close relationship between the music and the dance
  • Maintaining a true community among dancers
  • Mutual respect and cooperation
  • Inclusivity (diverse backgrounds: geographic, ethnic, socio-economic, age, ability, LGBTQ, gender roles, etc.)
  • Outreach and welcome to newcomers
  • Excellence, which can be encouraged through friendly competition


Coming soon…

  • Arabic

**Would you like to translate these values into another language? Contact to coordinate.**

Thank you to the following people who have been helping with translations and graphics:
Pascale Rousseau
Brielle McClain
Mavrigiannaki Angeliki
Glorianna Vaschetto
Denitsa Krusteva
Elodie Baerlocher
Elena – Swing On Vigo
Annika Swingmaniacs
Vasiliki Doudoulaki
Itai Rosenfeld Cohen
Glorianna Vaschetto
“Yoonhyuk Lee & Yoonho Kwak
Kirsten Mower”
Karin Gadziala
Bia Cambraia
Pavel Loginov
Janci B-Swing
“Rossana Tamiello
Jorge Cuadri”
Sandra Holmqvist
Hazal Aygül
李信志 Shin Chih Lee
Ricardo Ferraro
Minna Helminen
Younes M al-Samman
Hussam Jarayseh
Mina Novakova
Mavrigiannaki Angeliki
Pep & Emi Espígol
Polina Gordienko
Dubravka Zamac
Jelena Vasic
Natalia Azyoma
Nhat Do
Begoña, Mireia and Sandy
Huong Thang
Thuy Uong
Dubravka “Swing’n’Roll”
Mertcan Mert
Murat Badur
Saigon Swing Cats
Huong September

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