Lindy Hop Values – a #FrankieMonth initiative

Like Frankie Manning himself, we value:

  • Having fun dancing the Lindy hop
  • Historic authenticity in Lindy hop dancing and music
  • Improvisation and continued innovation
  • Close relationship between the music and the dance
  • Maintaining a true community among dancers
  • Mutual respect and cooperation
  • Inclusivity (diverse backgrounds: geographic, ethnic, socio-economic, age, ability, LGBTQ, gender roles, etc.)
  • Outreach and welcome to newcomers
  • Excellence, which can be encouraged through friendly competition


**Would you like to translate these values into another language? Contact to coordinate.**

Thank you to the following people who have been helping with translations and graphics:
Pascale Rousseau
Brielle McClain
Mavrigiannaki Angeliki
Glorianna Vaschetto
Denitsa Krusteva
Elodie Baerlocher
Elena – Swing On Vigo
Annika Swingmaniacs
Vasiliki Doudoulaki
Glorianna Vaschetto
“Yoonhyuk Lee & Yoonho Kwak
Kirsten Mower”
Karin Gadziala
Bia Cambraia
Pavel Loginov
Janci B-Swing
“Rossana Tamiello
Jorge Cuadri”
Sandra Holmqvist
Hazal Aygül
李信志 Shin Chih Lee
Ricardo Ferraro
Minna Helminen
Younes M al-Samman
Hussam Jarayseh
Mina Novakova
Mavrigiannaki Angeliki
Pep & Emi Espígol
Polina Gordienko
Dubravka – Swin’n’ Roll
Natalia Azyoma
Nhat Do
Begoña, Mireia and Sandy
Huong Thang
Thuy Uong
” “”Swing’n’Roll””
Dubravka Zamac
Jelena Vasic ”
Mertcan Mert / Murat Badur
Saigon Swing Cats
Khanh Huong
山田浩之 Hiro Yamada
松本さつき Satsuki Matsumoto
大西たか子 Takako Onishi
Ming Pang

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