Frankie Manning demonstrates steps from the Big Apple. Video Courtesy of Lance Benishek.

1. Stomp Off 2. Hop 3. Cross 4. Rock Time 5. Boogie 6. Boogie back 7. Applejack (“Ho”) 8. Gaze Afar


THE FRANKIE MANNING MEDIA ARCHIVE is an ongoing project to digitize significant footage of lindy hop’s greatest ambassador, Frankie Manning. This footage, much of it rare and never-before-seen, is made freely available to inspire and educate dancers all around the world.

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2 thoughts on “THE FRANKIE MANNING MEDIA ARCHIVE – “The Big Apple Part 1”

  1. Hello !
    I am starting a new lindy hop scene in Lebanon (middle eastern country).
    I am very enthusiastic about swing dance so I wanna improve my skills and be able to pass it on in my country.
    I already started organizing Monday Hop, every Monday a swing dance party. We put on some swing music and swing.
    Many are excited!
    I want to volunteer in herrang dance if possible so I improve and pen classes in my country.
    Can the foundation help me a bit financially and other ways if possible.
    I already opened a Facebook group called Beirut Lindy Hop (you can check it)
    Thank you :))!

  2. Dear Mazen,
    It is wonderful to hear about Beirut Lindy Hop! The Frankie Manning Foundation runs a scholarship program in Herräng Dance Camp but the applications are closed for this coming summer. However, you should look into volunteering or participating in the staff at Herräng by contacting Staff Coordinators
    Best of luck with your group in Lebanon,
    Judy Pritchett

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