Frankie Manning and Camino de Swingtiago

There was a time, back in the 90’s, when regional and stylistic differences in Lindy hop were front and center, and even the cause of dispute.  During this period the term “Smooth Style Lindy” emerged, to differentiate itself from the Savoy Style of Lindy hop of Frankie Manning and other Savoy Ballroom graduates.

Frankie Manning rarely engaged in these disputes, but this particular nomenclature rubbed him the wrong way. “What am I?” he exclaimed, “Bumpy?” . . “Don’t they realize it all depends upon the music.  Of course I dance smoothly if that is what the music calls for.”

This anecdote came to mind when I heard about a Lindy hop camp/experience that does not have the high intensity, heat and fever that we usually associate with such events.  It is the Camino de Swingtiago, a hike along an old pilgrimage route in the backroads of Spain.  Communing with nature, with history and with each other, a contemplative experience, is the focus. Still, there will be nightly dances and classes with a pro, Elaine Silver.  Is it a Lindy hop camp?  Of course it is, just another variation on how we can get together.

The Frankie Manning Foundation is collaborating with Camino de Swingtiago to provide a scholarship to the event for someone in Spain. See more here.

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