Frankie 100 Scholarships – Thank you!


 We would sincerely like to thank everyone for their donations towards the Frankie 100 Scholarships. We have now reached our goal, enabling 20 worthy candidates to attend Frankie 100 who would otherwise have been unable to be there. Thank you to following individuals who have made generous donations to the Frankie 100 Scholarship Fund:

  • 1929 Studios
  • Andrea Gordon
  • Andreas Maier
    Andy Reid
  • Ani Novshadian
  • Atomic Ballroom
  • Ben & Sheri Yau
  • Camilla Fjällberg
  • Cathy Kohatsu
  • Christian Bossert
  • Cristina Levy
  • Dave Madison
  • Dax Hock
  • Eva Waitzfelder
  • Fremiet Lara
  • George Gee Orch.
  • Iris Hellsing
  • Itay skutelsky
  • Jack Chen
  • Jamin Jackson
  • Jojanneke Heidema
  • Kofi Arthiabah
  • Kylie Francis
  • Laura Keat
  • Lauren Jenkins
  • Margaret Gyulai
  • Meghan Gilmore
  • Michael Fortanasce
  • Mikey Pedroza
  • Pascal Larose
  • Reuvan Lax
  • Robin Cohen
  • Ruben Gared
  • Ryan Calloway
  • Sabrina Kirkpatrick
  • Silvia Palazzolo
  • Stacey Merkl
  • Susan Carr
  • Thelvina Vitalie
  • Thomas Blacharz
  • Traci Bartlow
  • Yvonne Connybeare

Though donations towards the scholarships have now closed, you are welcome to make a donation to the Frankie Manning Foundation which will go towards other scholarships and programming. make a donation

In order to open up the New York celebration to a few more people, we raised funds to finance scholarships to the event. Frankie 100 organizers set aside a limited number of passes for attendees who have financial need. Your donations qualified for tax deductions through the non-profit Frankie Manning Foundation to the extent allowable in your country.

To make a donation to the Frankie Manning Foundation by Paypal, please click here.

OR you may write a check made out to: “FRANKIE MANNING FOUNDATION” and mail to:

Frankie Manning Foundation
c/o Buddy Steves
2320 Blue Bonnet Blvd.
Houston TX 77030