Frankie 100 Podcasts

The Frankie 100 Educational Podcasts

Thank you to Cynthia Millman, Lennart Westerlund, Adam Lee, and Chris Wells for their work putting together the monumental Educational Panels that took place at Frankie 100. The panels featured over 40 experts on a wide variety of swing dance and music topics. Programs featured fascinating information, lively discussion, film/music clips, and audience Q&A. Six of those panels are now available.

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Cynthia Millman featured on The Track

Cynthia Millman, co-author of Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop and a member of the board of directors for the Frankie Manning Foundation, has been featured on the latest edition of The Track. This month marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of the book, and is...Read More »

Jazz Dance Research Roundtable

Vernacular jazz dance is an important, complex, and multi-faceted cultural phenomenon. This panel brings together leading specialists in fields as diverse as history, musicology, and sociology to discuss the current state of jazz dance research, and how their work has been touched by Frankie’s life and legacy....Read More »

Norma, Dawn, Chazz: A Conversation

Manu Smith facilitates an intimate conversation with beloved swing dance elders Norma Miller, Dawn Hampton, and Chazz Young. They discuss their lives; their relationship with Frankie; and the history, present, and future of Lindy hopping.

  • Panel Leader: Manu Smith.
  • Panelists: Dawn Hampton, Norma Miller, Chazz Young.
  • Date/Time: Saturday, May 24th, 2014 from...Read More »

From the Savoy to the Cat Club: On the Dance Floor, 1950s and Beyond

The Savoy Ballroom, which had many dance styles, closed in 1958. The NY Swing Dance Society founded the Cat Club dances in 1985. These exciting “Savoy-and-beyond” dancers bridged the gap between the Savoy and the Swing Renaissance. What is it about the Lindy that inspired them? What influenced their...Read More »

Frankie’s Music: The State of Swing, Then and Now

A gathering of world-class jazz musicians active in the swing dance community to talk about their understanding of the music of the Swing Era, which inspired the Lindy Hop and Frankie Manning. They also discuss the modern state of live music for dance events.

  • Panel Leader: Adam Lee
  • Panelists: Adrian Cunningham,...Read More »

The Dance Called the Big Apple

The Big Apple was an American dance craze in 1937. Starting in an African American nightclub in Columbia, South Carolina, it was discovered by local white teens and spread “like wildfire.” A Big Apple choreographed by Frankie Manning is popular with many swing dancers today. Judy Pritchett’s documentary on...Read More »

Scene Building Roundtable & Meetup

Organizers around the world who have built swing dance scenes share stories and tips about how they did it. This panel features a wealth of information on how to initiate, develop, and maintain a vibrant and sustainable Lindy hop community. Dances, classes, organization, publicity, finances, successes, lessons learned, and...Read More »