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Guest Post by Karen Campos McCormack    In March 2018 I was lucky to spend a month in New York, in Harlem, researching the history of Lindy hop thanks to the support of the Frankie Manning Foundation. I had previously researched the history of swing via the internet, Amazon, second hand bookshops and the limited […]

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Frankie Manning on French Television, 1990 (Age 76)

I just want to make sure everyone gets to see this amazing video that Jean-Christophe Hep and Eric Esquivel found featuring Frankie Manning at age 76 dancing with Judy Pritchett and also featuring Cyd Charisse! (Interviews are translated into French.) This is truly an amazing find. Enjoy! 22 sep 1990, "Etoile Palace" démonstration de Lindy hop […]

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How to Organize a Taxi Dance

  Guest Post by Jo Hoffberg. Dance with your favorite instructors and raise money at the same time! Have you ever participated in a taxi dance? Taxi dances a great way to raise money for a good cause–like for the Frankie Manning Foundation–and they’re always a lot of fun for everyone involved.  The basic premise […]

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Workshop International Colombia México

When I came back from Argentina in 2012, I had the strong desire to see people enjoying this wonderful Lindy Hop dance in Medellín. After almost 4 years of trying, this desire has become a reality; today we have two important locations in the city where we teach Lindy Hop dance lessons weekly, Pablo Tobón […]

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World Lindy Hop Day Catalonia 2016 – A Frankie Month Recap

It’s no secret that Lindy Hop has become a worldwide phenomenon; no matter where you live, no matter how far you travel, you can find a place to dance. What’s more, each year brings new stories about the growth of Lindy Hop communities around the globe. This year, as Frankie Month came into full swing […]

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Check your Facebook preferences

Are you receiving updates from the Frankie Manning Foundation Facebook page?  Did you know that “liking” a page isn’t enough to receive page updates? You must also now adjust your settings for all of your favorite Facebook pages in order to receive the updates in your newsfeed. Here’s how to adjust your preferences: Underneath the “like” button, […]

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Frankie Manning’s Favorite Steps

Thank you to the 9:20 Special in San Francisco for this guest post. They’re organizing a Frankie Celebration as part of Frankie Month in May and this list of Frankie’s Favorite Steps is part of that effort.  Initially Compiled by Laura Jeffers, Edited by Rik Panganiban, April 2016 With Frankie Manning’s birthday coming up, some of us […]

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Frankie Manning on Broadway

Just a few years after Frankie Manning retired from the Post Office, when the momentum of the swing dance revival was just starting to build, he was approached by two Broadway producers who were bringing the Paris production of “Black and Blue” to Broadway. They had heard that Frankie was an original dancer of the Harlem […]

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Lindy Hop for All: Interviews and Oral History of the Frankie Manning Foundation

Interviews conducted & article written by Dan Gorman The Frankie Manning Foundation only came into existence six years ago, but today it is at the forefront of the global swing dance scene. Frankie Manning was one of the originators of the lindy hop at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, and he later played a pivotal […]

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