Ambassador Update: Traci Bartlow

Traci performing with fellow Ambassador, Ray Davis.

News from Traci Bartlow (Herrång Ambassador, 2011) :

This past summer, New York City youngsters in a Harlem, Queens and Staten Island were wowed by a show called, “B-Love’s Hip Hop Jazzy Groove”,  a lecture/demonstration/performance that shows the connection of Hip Hop dance and the dances of the Harlem Renaissance including, of course, Lindy hop.  This is a piece was written, directed and choreographed by Ambassador Traci Bartlow for Central Parks Summerstage Kids.  The performers are Traci and Ambassador Ray F. Davis (Herrång, 2013). “Oh, and good news,” says Traci, “This piece may be performed again this upcoming summer but in different NY locations.”

Traci will also be holding the 4th annual Lindy Hop Intensive in Oakland in February, with Norma Miller once again the special guest.  A 6-day Lindy Hop Intensive, packed with films, panel discussions, history talks and dance workshops. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate Black History Month by honoring the African American legacy of dances of the Harlem Renaissance.