Ambassador Update: Jamin Jackson

VintageSwingTulsaSince becoming an Ambassador four years ago, Jamin Jackson (Herrang Ambassador, 2011)  has made great impact at home and abroad. He founded Vintage Swing Movement Tulsa which runs monthly workshops and an annual event, Greenwood Swingout which will take place May 22-24, 2015.

GreenwoodSwingout“In the past, hatred and unjust laws kept people apart.  During that time, the Savoy Ballroom was a bastion of racial diversity.  Swing music and dance crossed every color line and united a nation.

It is that same SPIRIT that can break down barriers today.” 

From, Greenwood Swingout: The Purpose

Jamin’s presence has been felt in the international lindy hop community, where he is known for his teaching, competing and performing. Here is a choreography that he performed with Sonia Orterga Betriu for the St. Petersburg, Russia swing dance community in November:

This year he and Annie Trudeau will present a new routine at Greenwood Swingout dedicated to World Lindy Hop Day.