Ambassador Program at Herräng


Herrang Library Talk
From the left, Shelby Johnson (Dallas TX), Zeng Weiming (Beijing), LaTasha Barnes (Washington DC), Krunal Waghela (Mumbai), Hussam Jarayseh (Bethlehem) and Nick Davis (Eugene OR), a returning Ambassador who helped this year’s group. 

During Week 3 of the summer of 2016, the Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassadors took the stage for the library talk at Herrang. One thing became clear: the diversity of their backgrounds enriches the Herräng camp experience for everyone. It broadens our world. So the Ambassador program is a two-way street; while the Ambassadors learn all they can about Lindy hop and the global dance community, other attendees get exposure to new populations that are not yet well-represented in our scene.


Meet the Ambassadors

Left, Hussam Jarsayeh, Center, Nick Davis, Right, Shelby Johnson @Photo Tamara Pinco
Left, Hussam Jarsayeh, Center, Nick Davis, Right, Shelby Johnson @Photo Tamara Pinco
Hussam at Meeting
Hussam Jarayseh talks at a Herräng meeting about the Palestinian swing dancers. @Photo Tamara Pinco









Hussam Jarayseh, Bethlehem, Palestine, West Bank

 “ I strongly believe that swing dance can relieve much of suffering and our negative energy, it turns negatives into positive with the positive atmosphere I had in Herrang and made Herrang a unique place to practice and learn, dance and meet new friends all over the world. The intensive courses gave me the chance to teach back home and become a beginners teacher…

At the end no matter where we come from or what’s our background..Swing Dance Unites us and gives us the power to love and respect each other. “


krunal herrang

Krunal Waghela, Mumbai, India

“The daily meetings, library talks and classes like Harlems roots which educate people with the history of Lindy hop is something very unique that I experienced at Herrang. It changed my perspective of Lindy hop from an outward dance and musicality to an inner feeling – not just my body but it also made my heart Lindy hop.”


Ambassador LaTasha Barnes wins first place#Photo Tamara Pinco
Ambassador LaTasha Barnes wins first place in solo jazz competition @Photo Tamara Pinco

LaTasha Barnes, Urban Artistry, Washington DC

“It was overwhelmingly encouraging to have the opportunity to celebrate this dance with and to really be immersed in the international community. To see how beloved, inspiring and powerful this dance has been and will be for so many people was a mighty catalyst to get moving on some of my own efforts to further this dance, personally and for my own community. To have so many people, from so many different cultures gathered in one place, just for the simple reason that they love this dance, was truly amazing!”

House Dance Performance at Herrang Vaudeville Night

LaTasha wins the Solo Jazz Competition – Week 4


Shelby Johnson
   Ambassador Shelby Johnson from Dallas, Texas @Photo Tamara Pinco

Shelby Johnson, Dallas TX

“These 3 weeks were life changing and can’t wait to get back to Dallas and really impact the dance community for the better. The teacher track empowered me to take a more focused direction not only as an instructor but as a dancer to help uplift the dance community in my scene.


Zeng Weiming from Beijing
Zeng Weiming from Beijing



Zeng Weiming, Beijing, China

“I met a lot of new friends and I learned a lot of new things. The teachers’ track classes and Harlem Roots classes were amazing. I understand Lindy hop more deeply now.”



From the left: Chester Whitmore, Nick Davis, Shelby Johnson waiting for Norma Miller’s Library Talk.

Nick Davis was a Frankie Foundation Ambassador at Herrang the summer of 2014. He returned this year on his own, bringing along a Eugene, OR contingent. His assistance in matters practical and deeply emotional enriched the experience for all of the Ambassadors this summer. Thank you, Nick.